Automotive Lidar: Softening The Trade-off Between Ambiguity Range And Speed 

A technical paper titled “Overcoming the limitations of 3D sensors with wide field of view metasurface-enhanced scanning lidar” was published by researchers at Université Côte d’Azur and CRHEA. Abstract: "Lidar, a technology at the heart of autonomous driving and robotic mobility, performs 3D imaging of a complex scene by measuring the time of flight of returning light p... » read more

Computational Imaging Craves System-Level Design And Simulation Tools To Leverage Disruptive AI In Embedded Vision

Image quality now relies more than ever on high computing power tied to miniaturized optics and sensors, rather than on standalone and bulky but aberration-free optics. This new trend is called computational imaging and can be used either for computational photography or for computer vision. Read this white paper to learn about market trends and promising system co-design and co-optimization ap... » read more

High-throughput LHSI Reflectometry Technique For ICU and IWU Measurements of Semiconductor Devices

New technical paper titled "Toward realization of high-throughput hyperspectral imaging technique for semiconductor device metrology," from researchers at Samsung Electronics Co. Abstract "Background: High-throughput three-dimensional metrology techniques for monitoring in-wafer uniformity (IWU) and in-cell uniformity (ICU) are critical for enhancing the yield of modern semiconductor manu... » read more