Silicon Thermo-Optic Switches with Graphene Heaters Operating at Mid-Infrared Waveband

Abstract "The mid-infrared (MIR, 2–20 μm) waveband is of great interest for integrated photonics in many applications such as on-chip spectroscopic chemical sensing, and optical communication. Thermo-optic switches are essential to large-scale integrated photonic circuits at MIR wavebands. However, current technologies require a thick cladding layer, high driving voltages or may introduce h... » read more

Making PUFs Even More Secure

As security has become a must-have in most systems, hardware roots of trust (HRoTs) have started appearing in many chips. Critical to an HRoT is the ability to authenticate and to create keys – ideally from a reliable source that is unviewable and immutable. “We see hardware roots of trust deployed in two use models — providing a foundation to securely start a system, and enabling a se... » read more

Four-Period Vertically Stacked SiGe/Si Channel FinFET Fabrication and Its Electrical Characteristics

Li Y, Zhao F, Cheng X, Liu H, Zan Y, Li J, Zhang Q, Wu Z, Luo J, Wang W. Four-Period Vertically Stacked SiGe/Si Channel FinFET Fabrication and Its Electrical Characteristics. Nanomaterials (Basel). 2021 Jun 28;11(7):1689. doi: 10.3390/nano11071689. PMID: 34203194; PMCID: PMC8307669. Find technical paper here. Abstract "In this paper, to solve the epitaxial thickness limit and the high in... » read more

A Machine-Learning-Resistant 3D PUF with 8-layer Stacking Vertical RRAM and 0.014% Bit Error Rate Using In-Cell Stabilization Scheme for IoT Security Applications

Abstract: "In this work, we propose and demonstrate a multi-layer 3-dimensional (3D) vertical RRAM (VRRAM) PUF with in-cell stabilization scheme to improve both cost efficiency and reliability. An 8-layer VRRAM array was manufactured with excellent uniformity and good endurance of >10 7 . Apart from the variation in RRAM resistance, enhanced randomness is obtained thanks to the parasitic IR... » read more