Don’t Stop Listening

While it has been some years now, I admit I used to be a dedicated Blackberry user and could not understand the fascination with the iPhone initially. I knew exactly how my Blackberry worked, I loved the keyboard (or so I thought) and while a Macophile as well, I was reluctant to switch to a new smartphone, even though it was from my favorite PC maker. And then I had a chance to play with an... » read more

iPhone 5 – Verizon has a hit!

By Cary Chin My iPhone 5 was delivered to my door as promised on Sept. 21. The UPS guy had a truck full of them, and seemed quite happy to be getting so much attention as he was making his rounds. As with every other iPhone, I carefully unboxed it with some anticipation, but somehow I felt like there was less excitement this time around. After 5 years of iPhone mania, was the luster starti... » read more

Speed Sells

The good news is that the new iPhone battery lasts at least as long as the old one. The bad news is that Apple hasn’t offered double battery life and equivalent performance as an option for mobile users that need extended times between charges. They’re not alone, of course. At the Intel Developer Forum this week, Intel Chief Product Officer Dadi Perlmutter talked about voice and gesture-... » read more