The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Mergers & Acquistions Silicon Labs acquired Bluegiga Technologies Oy, providers of short-range wireless connectivity solutions and software for the IoT based in Espoo, Finland. Intel signed a definitive agreement to acquire Lantiq, a supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies based in Munich, Germany. Tools Mentor Graphics announced the addition of Automotive ... » read more

Make Vs. Buy

By Ann Steffora Mutschler The confounding ‘make versus buy’ decision is understandably muddled by design complexity. Millions of gates, thousands of blocks, dozens of cores, plus software, packaging, and worries about physical effects don’t make this decision any easier. In some cases the process can be simplified by mandating that anything that doesn’t add differentiation really is... » read more

Managing IP In Complex Devices

By Ann Steffora Mutschler Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, video game with home networking feature or any other digital device, each contains multiple subsystems with a mixture of IP blocks from either in-house development or licensed from third parties. Managing the subsystems, let alone the individual IP blocks and the interplay between all of them, is not getting any easier. In fact, wit... » read more