Minimizing Execution Risk In Test Solution Development

Test development projects are a mix of engineering disciplines with a complex and interdependent ecosystem. The ability to assess risks and their impact on the entire project can be the difference between success and failure. A technical project lead provides a single point of responsibility for assessing technical risk across the project, developing mitigation plans, and driving countermeasure... » read more

The Impact Of Test Engineers

As testing is at the end of each project, it’s often seen as a non-value-added necessity that just needs to be done. This is why Test Engineers often feel overlooked and undervalued. Previously, we explained why engineering managers should value their test engineers, and told them how to get the most out of their teams. Today we’ll explore how test engineers can learn to understand the... » read more

Hiring And Firing

I doubt if there is a manager, in any company, who likes to fire people. In addition, most companies are very cautious about getting rid of people. Human resources departments often put in place lengthy and complex procedures to provide a clear and well-documented path to someone's termination. During a recent Oski executive dinner, participants were quite heated in their discussion about th... » read more

The Power And Limits Of Money

[getperson id="11694" p_name="Wally Rhines"], CEO of [getentity id="22017" e_name="Mentor Graphics"], sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to discuss how semiconductor engineering teams make their dollars work even when budgets are limited. The issue is as important as ever, given the industry's unrelenting margin and cost pressure and the growing competition for top talent. What follows are... » read more

A Tough Balancing Act

Typically, technology startups are formed because a few smart engineers have identified a new opportunity. They work hard on the technology, making sure they deliver innovation that differentiates them from their bigger competitors. They approach their initial customers and refine the product based on the feedback from these early adopters. The focus is still very much on the technology and the... » read more

Making A Multicore System Work

Making all the pieces work together in a multicore system requires a deep understanding of the technology, lots of different layers of synthesis, and some incredibly complex testing strategies.   System-Level Design sat down with James Aldis, system on chip architect for Texas Instruments wireless business unit; Charles Janac, president and CEO of Arteris, Drew Wingard, CTO of Sonics, and ... » read more