Analysis Of Accel-Sim GPGPU Simulator And Model Improvements

A technical paper titled “Analyzing and Improving Hardware Modeling of Accel-Sim” was published by researchers at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Abstract: "GPU architectures have become popular for executing general-purpose programs. Their many-core architecture supports a large number of threads that run concurrently to hide the latency among dependent instructions. In modern GPU... » read more

TU Dresden: Tile-based Multi-Core Architecture for Heterogeneous RISC-V Processors Suitable for FPGA Platforms

New technical paper titled "AGILER: An Adaptive Heterogeneous Tile-Based Many-Core Architecture for RISC-V Processors" from researchers at Technische Universitaet Dresden (TU Dresden). Partial Abstract: "In this work, AGILER is proposed as an adaptive tile-base many-core architecture for heterogeneous RISC-V based processors. The proposed architecture consists of modular and adaptable heter... » read more