Sea Of Processors Use Case

Core counts have been increasing steadily since IBM's debut of the Power 4 in 2001, eclipsing 100 CPU cores and over 1,000 for AI accelerators. While sea of processor architectures feature a stamp and repeat design, per-core workloads aren't always going to be symmetrically balanced. For example, a cloud provider (AI or compute) will rent out individual core clusters to customers for specialize... » read more

Implementing Fast Barriers For A Shared-Memory Cluster Of 1024 RISC-V Cores

A technical paper titled “Fast Shared-Memory Barrier Synchronization for a 1024-Cores RISC-V Many-Core Cluster” was published by researchers at ETH Zürich and Università di Bologna. "Synchronization is likely the most critical performance killer in shared-memory parallel programs. With the rise of multi-core and many-core processors, the relative impact on performance and energy overhe... » read more