A Sub-1 Hz Resonance Frequency Resonator Enabled By Multi-Step Tuning For Micro-Seismometer

We propose a sub-1 Hz resonance frequency MEMS resonator that can be used for seismometers. The low resonance frequency is achieved by an electrically tunable spring with an ultra-small spring constant. Generally, it is difficult to electrically fine-tune the resonance frequency at a near-zero spring constant because the frequency shift per voltage will diverge at the limit of zero spring const... » read more

Power/Performance Bits: March 8

Non-toxic, printable piezoelectric Researchers at RMIT University and University of New South Wales developed a flexible and printable piezoelectric material that could be used in self-powered electronics including wearables and implantables. "Until now, the best performing nano-thin piezoelectrics have been based on lead, a toxic material that is not suitable for biomedical use," said Dr N... » read more

MEMS Oscillators Market News – Accelerating Adoption of silicon MEMS timing

By Tony Massimini Recently there have been two major announcements in the MEMS Oscillator market. Market leader SiTime breaks into the high-precision OCXO timing with Stratum 3 compliant solutions. Integrated Device Technology jumps into the MEMS oscillator market with a piezoelectric MEMS resonator. SiTime has introduced the SiT5301 and SiT5302 which address the highest performance applica... » read more