MIPI Drives Performance for Next-Generation Displays

In late 2000, Nokia announced its iconic 3310 handset which featured an 84×48-pixel pure monochrome display. Seven years later, Apple unveiled its first iPhone with a 90mm (3.5”) screen and 320×480-pixel resolution (at 163 ppi). Cameras and high-quality displays quickly became the de-facto standard for smartphones by the mid-2000s. However, proprietary interface solutions for connecting cam... » read more

Embedded Display IP Solution For 4K Resolutions

By Licinio Sousa, Synopsys, and Vassilis Androutsopoulos, Arm To meet consumers’ demands for high-resolution content and visual quality, high-end smartphones are moving from wide quad HD (WQHD) displays to ultra-high-resolution 4K displays. For AR/VR applications, since the display is closer to the eyes and must maintain visual quality, more pixels and high refresh rates are needed. Higher... » read more