How 6G Research Will Revolutionize Mobile Experiences

By 2030, 6G is expected to be commercially available, revolutionizing connectivity with lightning-fast speeds, unprecedented bandwidths, and ultra-low latencies. It will transform various sectors, including telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. In this article, get a glimpse of the 6G world coming to us over the next decade, and explore the 6G rese... » read more

Generative AI On Mobile Is Running On The Arm CPU

By Adnan Al-Sinan and Gian Marco Iodice 2023 was the year that showcased an impressive number of use cases powered by generative AI. This disruptive form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is at the heart OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini AI model, with it demonstrating the opportunity to simplify work and advance education through generating text, images, or even audio content ... » read more

Neural Network Model Quantization On Mobile

The general definition of quantization states that it is the process of mapping continuous infinite values to a smaller set of discrete finite values. In this blog, we will talk about quantization in the context of neural network (NN) models, as the process of reducing the precision of the weights, biases, and activations. Moving from floating-point representations to low-precision fixed intege... » read more

Bridging The Digital Divide With Ultra Low-Cost Smartphones

According to the Alliance for Affordable Internet, 2.5 billion people in emerging economies now have access to mobile broadband coverage, but many still cannot afford the typical smartphone. They need a device that hits the right price point, and also provides the right capabilities to support and enhance them in their daily lives. Despite greater connectivity, hitting this ‘smartphone sweet... » read more

EDPS: Transitioning From 5G To 6G

At the recent EDPS, the keynote on the second day was by Mallik Tatipamula. He is the CTO of Ericsson Silicon Valley and also has experience all over the telecom industry with stints at F5, Juniper Networks, Cisco, Motorola, Nortel, and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Mallik started with a potted history of mobile. You may already know all this, and I've covered my version ... » read more

Design For Context And Its Impact On EDA

At the recent CEO panel, Ed Sperling used the term “Design for Context” as one of the key trends, identifying what others have referred to as “domain specific” or “workload specific.” The term struck a chord with me, as I see it in many customer meetings across various industry verticals in the context of a specific industry driving requirements for tools and IP. Undoubtedly, semico... » read more

Innovative Technology Drives Rapid Deployment Of New 5G Products, Services, And Business Models

The wireless future is about developing the most compelling products using a combination of advanced technologies to maximize system performance, while optimizing both cost and power. Doing so will unlock deployment of new 5G products and services for mobile operators and the whole 5G ecosystem, from businesses to consumers to the economy. With 5G offering so much potential, how can the industr... » read more

Towards Decarbonization: Keeping Electronics Energy Consumption In Check

The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) roadmap famously said in 2001 that "cost of design is the greatest threat to the continuation of the semiconductor roadmap." For years, the industry followed the ITRS updates on productivity improvements provided by automating design and hardware to counteract the looming design cost. The discussion on decarbonization has some simil... » read more

Microelectronics And The AI Revolution

It is no secret that artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are critical drivers for growth in electronics, and particularly, for semiconductors. The recent AI Hardware Summit showcased trends in AI/ML, both in enabling and using it in various application domains, including EDA. As part of the summit, Imec had organized a panel on “Advanced Microelectronics Technologies Driving ... » read more

The Impact Of 5G On Silicon Design

5G, the next-generation of mobile broadband, is driving tremendous increases in data throughput for mobile applications by introducing carrier aggregation, massive MIMO, advanced modulation, and high bandwidth channels in the mmWave spectrum. However, 5G and its governing body, 3GPP, has very high expectations to expand its capabilities well beyond the mobile market, and move into many new area... » read more

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