Week In Review: Design, Low Power

MoSys, a provider of SRAM solutions and networking accelerators, and Peraso Technologies, a provider of 5G mmWave devices, are merging. Stockholders of Peraso are expected to hold a 61% equity interest in the combined company, with the remaining 39% equity interest to be retained by the stockholders of MoSys. Peraso CEO Ronald Glibbery said, "By joining with MoSys, we believe we can deliver a b... » read more

Buying And Selling EDA Companies

EDA, arguably more than any other industry, has been built on the backs of engineering breakthroughs by startups. In aggregate, those startups are the backbone of tools that have made cell phones smart and which helped improved gas mileage on automobiles. Through an almost continuous stream of acquisitions, these startups have added to the top-line valuation of big EDA companies, and despite th... » read more

Thanks For The Memories

By Ed Sperling The amount of real estate in a design now devoted to memories—SRAM on chip, DRAM off chip, and a few other more exotic options showing up occasionally—is a testament to the amount of data that needs to be utilized quickly in both mobile and fixed devices. Memory is almost singlehandedly responsible for the routing congestion now plaguing complex SoCs. It is one of the mai... » read more