Automation: When Should We Stop?

Automating tasks has become quite popular. Driver assist is a good example. So is any machine learning application. You may have noticed that you can now get deliveries in less than 24 hours on Amazon. There is huge automation behind that service. So the question becomes, when is enough, enough? When does automation hit the law of diminishing return? When does this all become “creeping featur... » read more

Inside Samsung’s Foundry Biz

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to talk about the foundry business, process technology, design and other topics with Hong Hao, senior vice president of the foundry business at [getentity id="22865" e_name="Samsung Semiconductor"]; and Kelvin Low, senior director of foundry marketing at Samsung Semiconductor. What follows are excerpts of that discussion. SE: The foundry business has alway... » read more