How Quickly Will Multi-Die Systems Change Semiconductor Design?

For many decades, semiconductor design and implementation has been focused on monolithic, ever-larger and more complex single-chip implementation. This system-on-chip approach is now changing for a variety of reasons. The new frontier utilizes many chips assembled in new ways to deliver the required form-factor and performance. Multi-die systems are paving the way for new types of semiconduc... » read more

Everyone’s A System Designer With Heterogeneous Integration

The move away from monolithic SoCs to heterogeneous chips and chiplets in a package is accelerating, setting in motion a broad shift in methodologies, collaborations, and design goals that are felt by engineers at every step of the flow, from design through manufacturing. Nearly every engineer is now working or touching some technology, process, or methodology that is new. And they are inter... » read more

Addressing Three Big Challenges In Silicon Realization

There is no better way to gain insight into prevailing technical challenges than bringing together industry experts to share experiences and proposed solutions. Silicon realization—the ability to design and build today’s complex semiconductors—is one domain with no shortage of challenges. The quest for the best power, performance, and area, and delivery of first-time-right silicon, requir... » read more