Cross-Shaped Reconfigurable Transistor (CS-RFET) With Flexible Signal Routing

A new technical paper titled "Cross-Shape Reconfigurable Field Effect Transistor for Flexible Signal Routing" was published by researchers at NaMLab gGmbH, École Centrale de Lyon, and TU Dresden. "A detailed comprehensive study of the cross-shape reconfigurable field effect transistor electrical characteristics are presented. The fabricated device demonstrates nearly equal transistor charac... » read more

Photonics Moves Closer To Chip

Silicon photonics is resurfacing after more than a decade in the shadows, driven by demands to move larger quantities of data faster, using extremely low power and with minimal heat. Until recently, much of the attention in photonics focused on moving data between servers and storage. Now there is growing interest at the PCB level and in heterogeneous multi-chip packages. Government, academi... » read more