The Week in Review: IoT

Cybersecurity Cybersecurity concerns continued to generate news this week. Symantec reported a corporate espionage hacking campaign against manufacturers of medical supplies, dubbing the efforts “Orangeworm.” The hackers have attacked 24 or more targets this year, and almost 100 since 2015, according to the security software and services firm. Meanwhile, the House Energy and Commerce Co... » read more

New Wii U™ on SOI

By Adele Hars If you've followed the industry buzz in recent weeks, you've seen the news: the CPU for Nintendo's upcoming (and very cool) Wii U is on IBM's 45nm SOI. IBM's been fabbing chips for Nintendo for over a decade, and first moved the company's CPUs to SOI in 2006, at 90nm. The Wii U, which got its debut at the recent E3 show, will hit the shelves in 2012. The Wii U combines m... » read more

Mobile Gaming: The Next Power-Saving Frontier

By Pallab Chatterjee Mobile and handheld gaming platforms are gaining lots of attention these days, and from a low-power engineering standpoint it poses a challenge that dwarfs any game played on the devices. Unlike mobile phones, these handheld platforms don’t have the luxury of trading off between multiple operating modes to extend battery life. Even worse, they have to perform at the ... » read more