The Week In Review: Design

M&A Silvaco will acquire SoC Solutions, adding more IP experience to the company's portfolio. SoC Solutions, based in Atlanta, GA, focuses on pre-configured IP subsystems and IP targeting low power IoT and machine-to-machine communication. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the acquisition is expected to close soon. Imagination is putting the rest of the company up for sale after... » read more

Blog Review: July 9

Cadence’s Richard Goering walks through a keynote speech from DAC, which was delivered by Imagination Technologies’ Peter McGuinness, about the evolving role of image processing and what it can do. There are lots of changes ahead in this space. Who’s financing the Internet of Things and what are they funding? ARM’s Brad Nemire takes a look at oort, a Bluetooth hub that looks like a ... » read more

Technology Crossover Ahead

The attention showered upon NVM Express these days by both Synopsys (verification IP) and Cadence (subsystem) is significant. It’s the first significant opening in the enterprise computing space to emerge in years, and this is a market in which efficiency and performance are both measured and fully recognized. While SoC developers in the mobile space continue to develop power-management ca... » read more