Diary Of A Heartbleed

The Heartbleed vulnerability affects how OpenSSL implements the heartbeat protocol in TLS. In computing, a heartbeat, or a simple data message, typically determines the persistence of another machine in a given transaction; in this case, a heartbeat determines the persistence of the encryption between a client and a server. In this case, Heartbleed allows an attacker to request data more than a... » read more

The Week In Review: Design

Tools CEVA integrated Bluetooth processing into its DSP cores. In addition to audio and video and always-on capabilities, the company is pitching the combination as an all-in-one, ultra-low-power solution for the wearable electronics market. So how big is this market opportunity? IDC predicts the wearable computing market will grow from 19.2 million units this year to 112 million units in 2... » read more

Heartbleed And The Internet Of Things

Heartbleed is not a country and western song, but many wish it were. It’s a programming glitch with the potential to cause disastrous and widespread compromises on seemingly secure data. By some estimates, the flaw in the heartbleed code has allowed hackers to collect personal data, including passwords, undetected, for as long as two years. Exactly how much data has been breached, and what... » read more