Will Wearables Work Well Enough?

By Ed Sperling & Ann Steffora Mutschler The rollout of the Apple Watch later this month has reset expectations for the wearable electronics market, just as early implementations of the Pebble, Fitbit and Google Glass helped raise awareness about a new level of portability and connectivity. Early projections are for strong sales, which in turn will propel a new level of connectedness for the ... » read more

The Wearables Wave Expands Today’s Mobile Experience

By Andrew Frame and Bee Hayes-Thakore There’s no question that the mobile experience is expanding. Today’s smartphones, all powerful computing devices, have made it possible for us to stay connected to the information that matters most to us, offering at-a-glance information in a compact, portable form for extended periods of time. Most of us are always within easy reach of our smartphones... » read more

CES 2013: Signs Of Things To Come

By Cary Chin It’s always fun to see the latest gadgets introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show, held last week in Las Vegas. This year, two in particular stuck in my mind. First, in what is clearly still a fledgling industry (not necessarily for technology reasons), Audi demonstrated its self-driving car, with the added twist that you could “call” your car. It remotely started up, ma... » read more