Fuzz, Penetration, and AI Testing for SoC Security Verification: Challenges and Solutions

Abstract "The ever-increasing usage and application of system-on-chips (SoCs) has resulted in the tremendous modernization of these architectures. For a modern SoC design, with the inclusion of numerous complex and heterogeneous intellectual properties (IPs),and its privacy-preserving declaration, there exists a wide variety of highly sensitive assets. These assets must be protected from any u... » read more

Penetration Testing: A Buyer’s Guide

Data breaches continue to plague organizations—whether they’re targeted attacks from outside or malicious insiders. According to the 2020 IBM “Cost of Data Breach” report, 52% of breaches were caused by a malicious attack and the average total cost of a breach was $3.86 million. Many of these breaches are the result of combinations of errors or vulnerabilities, with attackers working th... » read more

Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Internet of Things AT&T reports the activation of its narrowband Internet of Things network in the U.S. The carrier upgraded its 4G LTE cell sites across the country. It now offers two low-power wide-area networks to business customers, including its LTE-M network in Mexico and the U.S. “Both networks are designed for the IoT within licensed spectrum and provide carrier-grade security,�... » read more