Accelerating Speed And Accuracy In Aeroacoustic Predictions

Simulating aeroacoustics is a tedious task that blends the complexities of fluid dynamics with the nuances of acoustic phenomena. This dual-domain challenge is marked by numerous technical obstacles, ranging from the wide range of scales involved to the subtler distinctions of acoustic signals amidst turbulent flows. To navigate these technical difficulties and advance our understanding of aero... » read more

Physics-Aware AI Is The Key To Next Gen IC Design

Chip design projects are notorious for generating huge amounts of design data. The design process calls for a dozen or more electronic design automation (EDA) software tools to be run in sequence. Together, they write out hundreds of gigabytes of intermediate data on the way to creating a final layout for manufacturing. Traditionally, this has been seen as a problem. But this richness of data i... » read more

Digital Twins And AI Acceleration Are Transforming System Design

We are at a global inflection point as we cope with the limitations of energy supply and the consequences of climate change. Regional conflicts are elevating risks in the traditional crude oil supply chain. Changes in rainfall patterns and disputes over water use priorities are limiting hydroelectric power generation. Moreover, extreme weather events have intensified the threat to lives and pro... » read more

Multiphysics Signoff Solvers At DAC 2022

It seems like just yesterday when engineers were trying to fit all the functionality they could onto a monolithic 2D integrated circuit to maximize computing performance. Moore’s Law was going strong and standard chips were what everybody used. The Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2022, scheduled for July 10 to 14 in San Francisco, will show just how far we’ve come from those days. We�... » read more