Best Practices For Efficient And Effective Planar EM Simulation

Designers of today’s complex, multi-featured communications products require accurate and fast electromagnetic (EM) simulation to deliver cost-effective, high-performance products to market in ever-shrinking windows of opportunity. The Cadence AWR AXIEM 3D planar method-of-moments (MoM) EM analysis simulator within the AWR software portfolio delivers the accuracy, capacity, and speed designer... » read more

Tech Talk: 22nm FD-SOI

Subramani Kengeri, vice president of global design solutions at GlobalFoundries, discusses the evolution of 22nm FD-SOI and its advantages, including single patterning in the middle end of line, 0.4 volt operating voltage, and how it compares to finFETs in terms of performance. [youtube vid=5fa1AcIGcUw] » read more