Executive Insight: Aart de Geus

Aart de Geus, chairman and co-CEO of Synopsys, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to talk about acquisitions, software and EDA. What follows are excerpts of that interview, which was conducted in front of a live audience at DAC. SE: A lot of Synopsys' investments are moving in a new direction, namely software. Why is that becoming so important to your company? De Geus: It's not a dif... » read more

Executive Insight: Ajoy Bose

SE: What keeps you awake at night? Bose: What I worry about more than anything else is the need for us (at Atrenta) to show growth on an ongoing basis. A company’s challenges change with the lifecycle of that company. In the early days you worry about survival and trying to establish yourself in the industry. Fortunately, Atrenta is a bigger company today, so the nature of the concerns has c... » read more

ATE Platform Strategy Gains Ground

More than a decade ago, at the urging of Intel, the ATE industry set out to reduce the cost of test in the digital chip market. Backed by companies such as Intel, Motorola, Renesas, Advantest and others, they formed an ATE consortium to make this all work. The aim of the consortium was to devise an "open architecture" for ATE. This would enable the development of third-party plug-and-play m... » read more

Even Standard IP Isn’t Always Standard

Time to market and rising complexity are forcing the use of more third-party IP as well as increasing reuse of internally developed IP. But as more IP is added into SoCs, chipmakers are discovering some interesting things: Not all IP works together as planned, even when it’s well characterized. As with cars, performance and mileage vary greatly depending upon who’s driving—and who’s... » read more

Experts At The Table: Debug

By Ed Sperling Semiconductor Engineering sat down with Galen Blake, senior verification engineer at Altera; Warren Stapleton, senior fellow at Advanced Micro Devices; Stephen Bailey, director of solutions marketing at Mentor Graphics; Michael Sanie, senior director of verification marketing at Synopsys. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. SE: The amount of IP is increasing and i... » read more

The Single Platform Strategy

By Kurt Shuler For semiconductor companies in high-volume or emerging growth markets, the days of using multiple platforms to address different segments are over. The new era of using a single platform to address several different segments is rapidly taking hold. Adding fuel to this transition is the greater flexibility that design teams have to spin derivatives of those single platforms. T... » read more

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