Shifting Left In P&R With In-Design Signoff Fill For Faster And More Accurate Tapeouts

Place and route (P&R) engineers are always on the lookout for ways to optimize their design flows to ensure designs meet their design power, performance, and area (PPA) goals while also hitting tapeout deadlines. The introduction of the Calibre RealTime Digital interface made Calibre nmDRC and Calibre nmDRC Recon design rule checking (DRC) verification available during the P&R process t... » read more

Optimizing Tool Integration Is Essential To Design Success

By James Paris and Armen Asatryan The relationship between a place and route (P&R) application and the collection of system-on-chip (SoC) design implementation, analysis, and verification methodologies and tools has always been very much a two-way street. The P&R system is the base, if you will, of design implementation—it takes the virtual and makes it physical. However, it is use... » read more

Reducing The Tapeout Crunch With Signoff Confidence

Crunch time—that last six to eight weeks before tapeout. There’s always too much to do, and too little time. No one wants problems at this stage, because problems mean changes, and changes mean delays. At leading-edge nodes, however, we’re running into some new problems that need new solutions. We all know design rule numbers and complexity are going through the roof as we try to use 1... » read more