Low-Power Relaxation Oscillator With Temperature-Compensated Thyristor Decision Elements

This paper presents a low-power 140 kHz relaxation oscillator (ROSC) for low-frequency clock generators and timers. In voltage-mode ROSCs, unavoidable shunt current consumption results from voltage slewing at the integration capacitor. The proposed circuit employs CMOS thyristor-based decision elements which effectively reduce shunt currents by exploiting internal positive feedback. A complemen... » read more

Flexible Temperature Measurement with the ZSSC3241 Enables Bridge as Temperature Sensor

Accurate measurement using sensor elements requires precise and local measurement of the element’s temperature for correction and compensation across a wide operating range. Thus, an integral part of Sensor Signal Conditioner (SSC) functionality is to provide at least one or more methods to measure temperature of the sensor element, which is typically a resistive bridge or capacitive transduc... » read more