Max Planck Generates Up To 14 Entangled Photons In A Defined Way And With High Efficiency

A new technical paper titled "Efficient generation of entangled multiphoton graph states from a single atom" was published by researchers at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics. The team of physicists "generated up to 14 entangled photons in an optical resonator, which can be prepared into specific quantum physical states in a targeted and very efficient manner. The new method could facil... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: Aug. 20

Child’s Play MIT has created lightweight composite building blocks that can be snapped together like Legos to create complex shapes. MIT says those structures can be used to assemble everything from airplanes to dikes. The new material is used to create identical interlocking parts, according to the university. The parts are 10 times stiffer than other ultralight materials, though. And ev... » read more