The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Jimmy Kimmel, comedian and late night host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, replaces Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror) as McAfee’s most dangerous celebrity to search for online. Cybercriminals are looking for ways to take advantage of consumer interest around popular cultural events. These criminals capitalize on the public’s fascination with celebrities to lure them to sites laden with malware, which ena... » read more

The Week In Review: Manufacturing & Design

Gartner says the natural life cycle of a technology-driven company is less than 10 years. “To compete in this environment, business leaders must destroy and rebuild the very businesses they helped create,” said Steve Prentice, vice president and Gartner Fellow. He cited examples of IBM Personal Systems Group, Nokia, MySpace, Kodak, Borders, HMV and other companies that have struggled or eve... » read more