Hardware Implementation Of A Random Gumber Generator On A FPGA

A new research paper titled "FPGA Random Number Generator" was published by a researcher at Johns Hopkins University. According to the paper's abstract: "This paper offers a proof-of-concept for creating a verilog-based hardware design that utilizes random measurement and scrambling algorithms to generate 32-bit random synchronously with a single clock cycle on a field-programmable-gate-arr... » read more

A novel technique for random number generation using CMOS image sensor

Academic paper from Thamirabharani Engineering College, India. Abstract "Random Number Generators (RNGs) have been used in several traditional fields such as simulation, gaming, cryptography, etc. Random numbers are used in cryptography to generate passwords. The strength of a password depends not just on its length and complexity but mainly on its unpredictability. Strong passwords lower t... » read more

What Makes A Chip Tamper-Proof?

The cyber world is the next major battlefield, and attackers are busily looking for ways to disrupt critical infrastructure. There is widespread proof this is happening. “Twenty-six percent of the U.S. power grid was found to be hosting Trojans," said Haydn Povey, IAR Systems' general manager of embedded security solutions. "In a cyber-warfare situation, that's the first thing that would b... » read more