Can RTL Power Estimation Accuracy Be Improved?

The power targets for today’s complex SoC designs force design teams to address power optimization earlier and more effectively than ever before. In recent years, design teams have migrated to RTL power estimation solutions to identify areas of potential power savings to be used in early design tradeoffs. RTL power estimation accuracy at 15% to 20% to gate-level power numbers is deemed accept... » read more

Tales From The Road

By Mike Gianfagna We recently held a SpyGlass Power “boot camp” at Atrenta San Jose. We brought in 15 of our best and brightest field AEs from all over the world and discussed the very latest techniques for advanced power optimization. When you get a group of folks like this together in one room, the learning typically goes both ways. The “students” (the FAEs) certainly learn a lot ... » read more

RTL Power Estimation

By Luke Lang A few months ago, I wrote about power estimation—finding the worst-case toggle rate to determine the worst-case power. This has been used very successfully by many designers to get an accurate estimation and analysis of power dissipation. These designers also are using the worst-case toggle rate to optimize power grid and meet dynamic IR drop requirements. With these power estim... » read more