GPIOs: Critical IP For Functional Safety Applications

The prevalence and complexity of electronics and software (EE systems) in automotive applications are increasing with every new generation of car. The critical functions within the system on a chip (SoC) involve hardware and software that perform automotive-related signal communication at high data rates to and from the components off-chip. Every SoC includes general purpose IOs (GPIOs) on its ... » read more

Learning ISO 26262 – 2nd Edition

You might think that when you get into a debate with a customer or a supplier about the exact interpretation of some aspect of ISO 26262, all you have to do is go to the standard, look it up, and there’s the answer you all need, plain as day. That would be ideal but often doesn’t reflect reality. To realize why, you have to understand the background to the standard. A short ISO 26262 o... » read more

Simplifying The Road To ISO 26262 Compliance

By Joseph Dailey and Robert Bates Since the release of ISO 26262 in November 2011, companies have had to figure out how to navigate the standard’s requirements throughout the development process of electrical and/or electronic systems for road vehicles. Recently new trends have emerged — software companies have started pre-qualifying both their software tools for use by their customers, ... » read more