A RISC-V On-Chip Parallel Power Controller for HPC (ETH Zurich, U. of Bologna)

A new technical paper titled "ControlPULP: A RISC-V On-Chip Parallel Power Controller for Many-Core HPC Processors with FPGA-Based Hardware-In-The-Loop Power and Thermal Emulation" was published (preprint) by researchers at ETH Zurich and University of Bologna. Abstract (partial) "High-Performance Computing (HPC) processors are nowadays integrated Cyber-Physical Systems demanding complex an... » read more

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Chipmakers Apple has introduced its latest MacBook Pro notebooks built around the company’s new, in-house designed processors, dubbed the M1 Pro and M1 Max. The chips, to be incorporated in its 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro systems, are the most powerful devices developed by Apple. The CPUs in the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips deliver up to 70% faster performance than the first M1 device. Based ... » read more