China IC Ecosystem Report, 2019 Edition

This report covers the latest semiconductor supply chain development throughout China including the rise and the progress of China IC industry, the national and local government policies, public and private funding, and their impact of key segments of China's IC supply chain, recent market developments, and dynamics of key domestic companies and their international peers are also discussed in t... » read more

Wanted: Integrated Approach To Hardware Design

By Tarun Amla Today’s electronic products have become so sophisticated and ubiquitous that we have come to expect that each new generation will address both our current and future needs. Years ago, the industry was hardware-centric and driven by “big iron” products. Capacity and functionality were thoroughly dependent upon increasingly complex hardware. Think of the movies of the 1950s w... » read more

Capex Growing To A Record High In 2015

Semiconductor companies are spending more than ever to stay competitive. In 2015, the total amount spent for capital expenditures is forecast to be $68.7 billion, up 9% from 2014’s $63.3 billion. This breaks the previous record set in 2011 at $63.8 billion, as shown in the following graph. Total Semiconductor Capital Expenditures, 2009-2015 Source: Semico Research Corp. The Top 15 A... » read more

The Power Of Collaboration: Solutions For Improving Manufacturing

The Fab Owners Association (FOA) held its third annual Collaborative Forum in Santa Clara, Calif., earlier this month. The focus of this event was to discuss how companies are able to work together to improve manufacturing efficiencies in wafer fabs. The forum is by invite only to FOA members, and I was invited to make a presentation on the market trends due to the impact of MEMS and Sensors. ... » read more

Manufacturing Constraint Fears Grow

The semiconductor industry could become a victim of its own success. With so many semiconductors being consumed inside of cars, home electronics and industry, capacity shortages are beginning to surface in some areas. Foundries set rates depending upon a complex mix of process technology, equipment depreciation, customer demand and the need to push customers from one node the next depending ... » read more

Blog Review: Nov. 26

Mentor's Nazita Saye has stumbled on a defibrillating drone that can rescuscitate victims well before emergency services arrive. That's a new one. ARM's Brad Nemire has found an interesting new Kickstarter device, too. It measures everything from heart beat to body posture with earlobe sensors. Cadence's Brian Fuller follows a speech by economist Austan Goolsbee, who is optimistic about t... » read more

Semiconductors Are Key To Better 3D Printing

The 3D printing world is an exciting place to be right now. For do-it-yourselfers with an artistic or engineering bent, 3D printing delivers a whole new toolbox, enabling designs that were not possible before with exciting new materials. These DIYers often will build their own 3D printers from scratch. The RepRap movement was formed with the goal of creating a self-replicating manufacturing mac... » read more