Blog Review: October 25

Synopsys’ Graham Allan looks at enhancements in the LPDDR5X standard, such as a speed increase from 6.4Gbps to 8.5Gbps using the same 1.1V core voltage as LPDDR5 alongside better signal integrity, reliability, and battery efficiency. Cadence’s Krunal Patel examines the essential components and operation of MACsec, a security protocol to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data tr... » read more

Looking Forward To The New Chip Cycle

Charles Shi, Principal and Senior Analyst at Needham & Company, LLC., remains upbeat about the EDA, IP and services business, or what SEMI refers to as the electronic system design (ESD) ecosystem. I recently spoke with Shi about his talk “Looking Forward to the New Chip Cycle” during the opening of the 2023 Design Automation Conference, collocated in July with SEMICON West in San Fra... » read more

Blog Review: October 18

Siemens' Stephen Chavez suggests including analog mixed signal analysis and board level parasitics within the design process from the earliest electrical design stage and throughout final release of the PCB design. Synopsys’ Filip Thoen, Leonard Drucker, and Vivek Prasad highlight how the complexities and interdependencies of multi-die systems create new challenges for software bring-up, a... » read more

Chip Industry Week In Review

By Liz Allan, Jesse Allen, and Karen Heyman. Canon uncorked a nanoimprint lithography system, which the company said will be useful down to about the 5nm node. Unlike traditional lithography equipment, which projects a pattern onto a resist, nanoimprint directly transfers images onto substrates using a master stamp patterned by an e-beam system. The technology has a number of limitations and... » read more

Blog Review: October 11

Cadence's Sangeeta Soni examines Integrity and Data Encryption (IDE) verification considerations for Compute Express Link (CXL) devices, including MAC generation and handling, key programming and exchange, and early MAC termination. Synopsys' Madhumita Sanyal points to how the increased bandwidth of PCIe 6.0 supports the demanding requirements of AI accelerators. Siemens' Kevin Webb expla... » read more

Using Smart Data To Boost Semiconductor Reliability

The chip industry is looking to AI and data analytics to improve yield, operational efficiency, and reduce the overall cost of designing and manufacturing complex devices. In fact, SEMI estimates its members could capture more than $60B in revenues associated through smart data use and AI. Getting there, however, requires overcoming a number of persistent obstacles. Smart data utilization is... » read more

Blog Review: October 4

Cadence's Felipe Goncalves checks out the Integrity and Data Encryption (IDE) feature in PCIe 6.0, a new layer inserted between the transection layer and data link layer with the goal of protecting against threats from physical attacks on the link. Siemens' Robin Bornoff, Daniel Berger, and Kai Liu explore the potential for large language models (LLMs) make the use of CAE tools simpler, more... » read more

Blog Review: September 27

Siemens' Dirk Hartmann examines how a continual improvement in predictive capability processing and algorithms enables the evolution of simulation performance and highlights two areas that underpin most simulation tools. Synopsys' Ian Land, Jason Niatas, and Marc Serughetti note that digital twins can be used from the chip level through sub-systems and up to the system level to examine perfo... » read more

Chip Industry Week In Review

By Jesse Allen, Karen Heyman, and Liz Allan The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) announced $238 million in awards toward establishing eight regional innovation hubs under the CHIPS and Science Act. The hubs aim to accelerate hardware prototyping and "lab-to-fab" transition of semiconductor technologies for secure edge/IoT, 5G/6G, AI hardware, quantum technology, electromagnetic warfare, and ... » read more

New Plasma Power Technologies For Next-Gen Semiconductor Manufacturing

As chip designs push the limits of speed, size and complexity, the semiconductor industry has set its sights on angstrom-scale device features. High-speed, precise and repeatable plasma power delivery with sophisticated controls is fundamental to process and device improvements. These factors support inflection points in technologies from chip-scale packaging through advanced front-end technolo... » read more

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