Smarter Than A Card

Set-top boxes (STBs) were initially secured by Conditional Access System (CAS) smart cards. However, this approach is no longer effective. Smart cards cannot prevent unauthorized access to premium 4K and UHD content, as they are not designed to protect the interface between the card and box, or the STB SoC itself. This is one of the reasons why cardless CAS set-top boxes, equipped with a hardwa... » read more

How Much Security Is Enough?

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the current state of [getkc id="223" kc_name="security"] and what must be done in the future, with Denis Noël, head of cyber security solutions at [getentity id="22499" e_name="NXP"]; Serge Leef, vice president of new ventures at [getentity id="22017" e_name="Mentor Graphics"]; Andreas Kuehlman, senior vice president and general manager of the soft... » read more

The Week In Review: System-Level Design

The big buzz at this year’s CES is around wearable computing, according to Gartner, and the big drivers will be fitness and digital health. The firm believes wearable electronics will be peripherals to smartphones, which will provide connectivity to store and analyze biodata. Hewlett-Packard plans to cut 34,000 employees by the end of this year, or roughly 11% of its workforce, according t... » read more

Putting Energy In Perspective

The resurgent interest in 2.5D stacked die, the introduction of ultra-low-power memory and the relentless focus on low power for the Internet of Things are rather predictable progressions to engineers working in the semiconductor industry. What’s less obvious is how these changes are filtering out into the rest of the market and where it needs to go next. While many people have been talkin... » read more

Low Power: Coming To A CE Device Near You

By Pallab Chatterjee Low power and connectivity are the two pervasive design constraints for chips and systems being designed today, and they are showing up in devices that have not had architectural changes in decades. Some of the changes are customer-driven, some are consortia-driven, and international cooperation is making some of the regulatory-driven. The regulatory side is moving slow... » read more