A Novel Optically Triggered Self-Adaptive ZVS Method For SiC MOSFETs 

A technical paper titled “Optically Triggered Self-Adaptive Zero Voltage Switching” was published by researchers at University of Cambridge, Zhejiang University, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Abstract: "Zero voltage switching (ZVS) is useful to increase power electronics efficiency but difficult to achieve due to the nonlinear parasitic capacitance of the power semiconducto... » read more

Realizing The Future Of Fast EV Charging Through CoolSiC Based Topology Design

While consumers are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, the move to E-Mobility, especially private electric vehicles (EV), is hindered by the limited charging infrastructure, most notably in fast charging. This white paper reviews the charging landscape and examines implementation approaches for fast DC chargers. Specific focus is placed on chargers delivering 350 kW and more for fast electr... » read more

High-Performance CoolSiC MOSFET Technology With Silicon-Like Reliability

The performance potential of SiC is indisputable. The key challenge to be mastered is to determine which design approach achieves the biggest success in applications. Click here to read more. » read more

Short-Circuit Ruggedness In SiC MOSFETs

Trench-based silicon carbide power MOSFETs (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) represent a dramatic improvement in the Figure of Merit (FOM) values of power conversion switching devices. As a result, outstanding system performance is achieved, enabling higher efficiency, power density, and reduced system cost for many applications. Today, for major target applications for S... » read more

Benefits Of SiC For String Inverters

SiC MOSFETs in solar and energy storage applications have clear benefits compared to silicon technologies, addressing the pressing need for energy and cost savings, particularly when bidirectional power conversion is required. Ease of installation is one of the key features of high-power solar string inverters. It is beneficial if only two workers are needed to carry and install the system.... » read more

SiC And Industrial Servos: A Perfect Match

The automation engineers of the 1960s would look with envy at the servo technology in use today. Small, precise, and, above all, electric, they are a reflection of the compactness of the semiconductor control, sensor, and power technology we have available today. Today’s biggest challenge remains the cabling between the servo and its controller. Notoriously expensive, due to having to withsta... » read more