Shaping Industry 4.0 By Empowering The Smart Factory

The goal of Industry 4.0 is to create autonomous production in which people, machines, systems, and products communicate with each other independently. The result are intelligent value chains and product life cycles that begin with development, continue through manufacturing, assembly, product delivery and maintenance, and finally end with recycling. In this way, not only production is contro... » read more

Reducing Security Vulnerabilities In Connected Cars And Factories With Secured Flash

Analysts estimate that more than half of all cars sold in the U.S. this year will come with internet connectivity(1), and Gartner believes more than 750,000 cars with autonomous driving capabilities will roll off manufacturing lines by 2023(2). As more vehicles become connected and go autonomous, the possibility of bad actors taking control of cars on the road is very real, and likely to become... » read more

Improving Industrial Processes

Industrial image processing is one of the most important drivers of manufacturing automation today. The requirements on the cameras differ considerably depending on the application. Different measurement methods (2D, 2.5D, 3D), spatial and temporal resolution and scan rates can be employed. The resolution and dynamic range of the sensor are critical for optical inspection on manufacturing lines... » read more

Transforming Vision Inspection With Machine Learning

How auto-manufacturers can apply ML & AI algorithms to enhance image analytics on their factory floor and to ensure higher product quality? Discover the next generation visual inspection in our new case study. In this case study , you will learn about: Current limitations of image inspection in the manufacturing industry. The O+ end-to-end solution, which brings machine learning and... » read more

Week in Review – IoT, Security, Autos

Products/Services Synopsys had a lot of announcements this week! Summer is definitely over. The company released BSIMM10 study, the latest version of the Building Security in Maturity Model, helping organizations plan, execute, mature, and measure their software security initiatives. It also released LucidShape version 2019.09, the latest version of that tool for the design, simulation, and an... » read more