Think In Blocks

It always seems to come back to LEGOs, doesn’t it? Earlier this year I wrote about Google Project Ara, the so-called “LEGO” smart phone architecture unveiled in April. Project Ara uses the MIPI Alliance UniPro and M-PHY protocols as the backbone for a modular electronics architecture inside a smart phone “endoskeleton.” Using electro-permanent magnets (they don’t need a perma... » read more

IoT One Year Later

One year ago the Internet of Things didn't exist for most companies. It was a PowerPoint concept filled with ridiculous, impossibly large numbers, and it was almost universally greeted with a healthy dose of skepticism. It wasn't uncommon to hear terms such as the Internet of Nothing, the Internet of Cars, and the Internet of Home Devices. It also wasn't common to hear comments such as, "What, ... » read more

A (Possible) Killer Wearable App

Wearable products (and proposals) today seem to be primarily fads or curiosities vying for the attention of a select few — the digital elite (computer-literate, with multiple devices, and data junkies). Many of us find it hard to see these apps lasting very long. I have an idea that breaks a lot of the expectations of a wearable, but may deliver higher value. I apologize in advance for credit... » read more