Transistor-Free Compute-In-Memory Architecture

A new technical paper titled "Reconfigurable Compute-In-Memory on Field-Programmable Ferroelectric Diodes" was recently published by researchers at University of Pennsylvania, Sandia National Labs, and Brookhaven National Lab. The compute-in-memory design is different as it is completely transistor-free. “Even when used in a compute-in-memory architecture, transistors compromise the access... » read more

Tech Talk: TCAM

Dennis Dudeck, IP solutions FAE at eSilicon, talks about how to save power and area with ternary content addressable memory. » read more

1.41 ‘Giga-Searches’ Per Second?

Data centers, which are the engines of the Internet, are responsible for the vast amount of traffic that flows across the network. And, it’s no revelation; our digital universe and data center traffic will reach 10.4 zettabytes (ZB) by 2019, the equivalent to 144 trillion hours of streaming music. As apps and services become more data hungry, the higher the allowance for data traffic we’re... » read more