High Throughput Noise Measurements

Flicker noise and random telegraph noise (RTN) testing can take a long time, especially when measuring down to frequencies of 1 Hz or below. Sweep times up to 30 min at a single temperature are common. And standard data collection for device models requires DUT data at multiple temperatures on small pads. To lower Cost of Test (CoT), and significantly increase on-wafer test throughput, a... » read more

Multi-Part Scanning And Inspection With CyberGage360

Case Study: How upgrading an inspection process to inspect 500-1000 parts per day improved what was an existing manual process. The manual process was costly and time consuming. Manual inspection of individual parts proved ineffective as defects were not always detected by operators. CyberGage360 automates 3D scanning and inspection of a batch of small parts in one scan cycle, increasing throug... » read more

Are Hardware Developers From Mars And Software Developers From Jupiter?

By Frank Schirrmeister In a recent discussion fellow Blogger Kurt Shuler, when talking about hardware and software designers, said something along the lines “Given languages like Verilog, both hardware and software developers really do software, for hardware designers the software is just getting fixed much sooner.” I intuitively agreed with him, but his comment inspired this post in which... » read more