Debug: Last Bastion Of Automation

There have been a number of times when anecdotal evidence became folk law and then over time, the effort was put in to find out whether there was any truth in it. Perhaps the most famous case is the statement that verification consumes 70% of development time and resources. For years this “fact” was used in almost every verification presentation and yet nobody knew where the number had come... » read more

Power Usage Shift Leads To Methodology Shift

Veloce offers a unique and customized flow for SoC power exploration and analysis. Veloce Power Application is enabling a methodology shift in the way power measurements are done to address the new requirements due to usage shift. Chip designers do not need to rely on functional test benches and extrapolation techniques to come up with power number. The new flow enables booting OS, running live... » read more

Accellera Adds Portable Stimulus Group

[getentity id="22028" e_name="Accellera"] created a working group for the portable test and stimulus, which would allow engineering teams to create the test once and be able to run it throughout the flow. This is a big deal in verification because it allows horizontal reuse of a [getkc id="55" kc_name="testbench"]. Test patterns run on the processors in a design and that enables the test to ... » read more