New Technique For Making Thin Films of Perovskite Oxide Semiconductors

A technical paper titled "Freestanding epitaxial SrTiO3  nanomembranes via remote epitaxy using hybrid molecular beam epitaxy" was published by researchers at University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and University of Wisconsin–Madison. The researchers developed a new technique for making thin films of perovskite oxide semiconductors.  The development c... » read more

U.S. Fab Investments Rise

Thin Film Electronics is opening a chip fabrication facility in San Jose, Calif., that will produce devices on rolls of flexible materials, using technology similar to inkjet printing, rather than the standard semiconductor production equipment geared toward silicon wafers. At the same time, Samsung Electronics and GlobalFoundries are expanding their wafer fabrication plants in Austin, Texas... » read more

Betting On Wright’s Law

By Paul Heremans Most people know Moore’s Law as "the number of transistors on a chip doubles every two years." That interpretation was the consequence of economic considerations. Moore predicted that "the number of transistors on a chip will rise exponentially if the surface area stays the same, because that way the cost per unit of computing power for integrated transistors will decrease... » read more