New Technique For Making Thin Films of Perovskite Oxide Semiconductors


A technical paper titled “Freestanding epitaxial SrTiO3  nanomembranes via remote epitaxy using hybrid molecular beam epitaxy” was published by researchers at University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The researchers developed a new technique for making thin films of perovskite oxide semiconductors.  The development could be the next step in the commercial application of perovskite oxides in flexible electronics and as a dielectric in van der Waals thin-film electronics, according to the paper.

“We have created a process where we can make a freestanding membrane of virtually any oxide material, exfoliate it, and then transfer it onto any subject of interest we want,” said Bharat Jalan, a senior author on the paper and a professor and Shell Chair in the University of Minnesota Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, in this University of Minnesota news article.  “Now, we can benefit from the functionality of these materials by combining them with other nano-scale materials, which would enable a wide range of highly functional, highly efficient devices.”

Find the technical paper here. Published December 2022.

Authors: Hyojin Yoon, Tristan K. Truttmann, Fengdeng Liu, Bethany E. Matthews, Sooho Choo, Qun Su, Vivek Saraswat, Sebastian Manzo, Michael S. Arnold, Mark E. Bowden, Jason K. Kawasaki, Steven J. Koester, Steven R. Spurgeon, Scott A. Chambers and Bharat Jalan.

23 Dec 2022
Vol 8Issue 51
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.add5328

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