Tile-based massively scalable MIMO and phased arrays for 5G/B5G-enabled smart skins and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

New technical paper from Georgia Tech. Abstract "This work presents a novel tile based approach to constructing, in a modular fashion, massively scalable MIMO and phased arrays for 5G/B5G millimeter-wave smart skins and large-area reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for Smart Cities and IoT applications. A proof-of-concept 29 GHz 32 elements phased array utilizing 2×2 “8-element subarr... » read more

Advanced Packaging Shifts Design Focus To System Level

Growing momentum for advanced packaging is shifting design from a die-centric focus toward integrated systems with multiple die, but it's also straining some EDA tools and methodologies and creating gaps in areas where none existed. These changes are causing churn in unexpected areas. For some chip companies, this has resulted in a slowdown in hiring of ASIC designers and an uptick in new jo... » read more