Ferroelectric, hafnium oxide based transistors for digital beyond von-Neumann computing

Source: AIP Applied Physics Letters, published 2/4/2021.  Evelyn T. Breyer1,  Halid Mulaosmanovic1,  Thomas Mikolajick1,2, and  Stefan Slesazeck1 1Nanoelectronic Materials Laboratory (NaMLab) gGmbH, 01187 Dresden, Germany 2Chair of Nanoelectronics, TU Dresden, 01187 Dresden, Germany   Technical paper link is here » read more

Von Neumann Upset

My recent article about the von Neumann architecture received some quite passionate responses, including one that thought I was attempting to slight the person. That was most certainly not the intent, given that the invention enabled a period of very rapid advancement in computers and technology in general. The process of invention and engineering are both quite similar and yet different. In... » read more

Machine Learning Popularity Grows

Machine learning and deep learning are showing a sharp growth trajectory in many industries. Even the semiconductor industry, which generally has resisted this technology, is starting to changing its tune. Both [getkc id="305" kc_name="machine learning"] (ML) and deep learning (DL) have been successfully used for image recognition in autonomous driving, speech recognition in natural langua... » read more

Technology Tsunami Approaches

How many times have we heard the saying that technology advancements are accelerating and that inevitably the older generation will have increasing problems keeping up with the new advancements? This happened to me with software development methodologies over fifteen years ago. I still program, when people actually let me, using basically the same techniques I learned when I was in my teens.... » read more