System Bits: April 14

Antennas on a chip In what is being called the missing piece of the puzzle of electromagnetic theory, a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge have figured out one of the mysteries of electromagnetism, that they believe could allow the design of antennas small enough to be integrated into a chip. These ultra-small antennas – the so-called ‘last frontier’ of semiconductor desi... » read more

Enabling Wearable Electronics In The Internet of Things (IoT) Era

As part of its growth focus for Applied Materials, the Office of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) aims to do the following: Identify, incubate and commercialize growth opportunities in new and adjacent markets Build a culture of open innovation at Applied Materials Address market inflections and high value problems through differentiated solutions Shape the future of our growth mark... » read more

Put On The Future: Wearable Technology

While jogging, your shoes can record your running speed, acceleration, path and distance. While taking a subway, the ring you wear can display how far your train is and how soon it will come; it also shows you at which stop you should take a transfer and when the next train will arrive. While putting on your mask in a city with poor air quality, your mask not only protects you, but it also dete... » read more