3DICs: Legalizer Techniques For Better Routing Quality, Fewer DRVs, And Reduced Total Slack With Negligible Runtime Impact

A technical paper titled “On Legalization of Die Bonding Bumps and Pads for 3D ICs” was published by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, NVIDIA Corporation, and the University of Bremen. Abstract "State-of-the-art 3D IC Place-and-Route flows were designed with older technology nodes and aggressive bonding pitch assumptions. As a result, these flows fail to honor the widt... » read more

RL-Guided Detailed Routing Framework for Advanced Custom Circuits

A technical paper titled "Reinforcement Learning Guided Detailed Routing for Custom Circuits" was published by researchers at UT Austin, Princeton University, and NVIDIA. "This paper presents a novel detailed routing framework for custom circuits that leverages deep reinforcement learning to optimize routing patterns while considering custom routing constraints and industrial design rules. C... » read more