Using Agile Methods For Hardware

[getkc id="182" kc_name=agile development"] methodology for software is getting a much closer look by hardware teams these days, because what used to work in SoC design and verification isn't working nearly as well with rising complexity. Development processes need to be constantly evolved to determine how to be more productive, deliver higher quality, cut costs in development, and how to g... » read more

Blog Review: Dec. 30

It's been a quiet week on the blog front. If you're looking for a bit of downtime while you enjoy the New Year, we present thoughts on what's happened this year and what may be to come from last week's System-Level Design newsletter: Editor in Chief Ed Sperling finds acquisitions and the leading edge of design defined 2015, but other changes are ahead. Technology Editor Brian Bailey obser... » read more

HW Vs. SW: Who’s Leading Whom?

In the past, technologies were developed in the software world that have languished until they were taken up by the hardware community. Then they were refined and polished and became fully integrated into the hardware development and verification flow. Examples are lint and formal. That was followed by attempts to migrate methodologies, such as object-oriented programming, which is the basis fo... » read more