Free Space Optical Quantum Key Distribution (FSO-QKD) System Within a Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Application

A new technical paper titled "A Practical Implementation of Quantum-Derived Keys for Secure Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications" was published by University of Warwick. Abstract "We provide a practical implementation of a free space optical quantum key distribution (FSO-QKD) system within a vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) application developed under the Innovate UK AirQKD project. The ... » read more

Delay-based PUF for Chiplets to Verify System Integrity

New technical paper titled "Know Time to Die – Integrity Checking for Zero Trust Chiplet-based Systems Using Between-Die Delay PUFs" by researchers at University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA, Abstract (partial): "In this paper we propose a delay-based PUF for chiplets to verify system integrity. Our technique allows a single chiplet to initiate a protocol with its neighbors to measure un... » read more