Zone-ECU Virtualization Solution Platform

The high complexity of future vehicle systems will need to move away from today’s distributed automotive E/E architecture towards a more centralized E/E structure based on less but much more powerful ECUs, instead of many individual control entities. A Zone-oriented architecture moves the integration of numerous functions and services into one ECU. The resulting network concept must deal w... » read more

The EV Era Has Begun: Here Are Five Things We Need For It To Succeed

The EV era has officially begun. General Motors says it will eliminate gas and diesel cars and SUVs from its lineup by 2035 while Ford will go all electric in Europe by 2030. The UK issued plans for phasing out diesel and gas cars by 2035 and then moved it forward to 2030. Fleet customers such as UPS and Amazon are ordering zero emissions delivery vehicles by the thousands and investing in s... » read more