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Zone-ECU Virtualization Solution Platform

A hypervisor can turn one physical ECU into multiple virtual ECUs for a zonal architecture for automotive.


The high complexity of future vehicle systems will need to move away from today’s distributed automotive E/E architecture towards a more centralized E/E structure based on less but much more powerful ECUs, instead of many individual control entities.

A Zone-oriented architecture moves the integration of numerous functions and services into one ECU. The resulting network concept must deal with the associated higher demands for bandwidth, determinism, and maximum latency, whereas the Zone-related ECUs, depending on their role as Zone-aggregator, Zone-controller, or Zone-processor, have an obvious need for much higher computing performance to run multiple functions. On the other hand, the Zone-related ECUs must also ensure freedom from interference between concurrent applications for safety and security, preserve real-time behavior and support internal network routing acceleration.

A solution to these challenges is to use a hypervisor to turn one physical ECU into multiple virtual ECUs. The RH850/U2x Zone ECU Virtualization Solution Platform is a development platform that provides a pre-integrated solution including relevant SW products and tools to allow automotive customers to take a ready-to-use approach for their individual Zone-ECU project.

Based on a collaboration between ETAS and Renesas, the Zone-ECU Virtualization Solution Platform combines the MCU hardware (HW) key-features for Zone, like hypervisor-support, safety, security, QoS and more with the outstanding software (SW)-product portfolio and SW-competence of ETAS.

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