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An intensive training program for finFET ASIC design.


In my prior post, I discussed the value of good design flow training. A properly executed program can turn average engineers into above average problem solvers with the right tools and techniques. We got to thinking about this opportunity quite seriously at eSilicon. Is there a way to develop a focused, intense training program to create a new “army” of elite designers?

In short, we think there is.

We’ve been busy architecting a new intensive training program to accomplish these goals. Introducing eSilicon’s FAST Academy. FAST stands for FinFET ASIC Skills Training. Every program needs an acronym, and this one fits quite well. The program is six months. “Six months to mastery,” as we say.

The program is targeted at final-year university students and graduates. No experience in chip design is necessary. Just passion, talent, motivation and a desire to learn new things and solve difficult problems. Think of it as a way to jump-start your career. And after graduation, there is a chance to begin building your career at eSilicon, working on the most advanced FinFET ASICs in the world.

There are several “focus areas” defined. Think of these as the various major fields of study supported by the FAST Academy. The program has three phases:

Program phase Duration Focus
Baseline 1 month General overview of FinFET ASIC design – all focus areas will be described (physical chip implementation, testability, package design, physical verification). Combined live instruction and self-paced web modules. At the end of this phase, a focus area is chosen.
Focus area 2 months  

Intensive training in chosen focus area. Combined live instruction, self-paced web modules, lab exercises and visiting expert lectures.

Final project 3 months  

Each student will participate in the implementation of a FinFET ASIC design. All focus areas will collaborate to deliver the final result. Timeliness and quality will be judged to determine those who successfully complete the program.

Six months to mastery. We’re excited about this innovative new program. The first pilot will be conducted in our Bucharest, Romania office. We’ll begin accepting applications for the FAST Academy soon. Our senior staff of industry-recognized experts will conduct special lecture sessions at the FAST Academy. The staff is excited to be a part of this effort, and we’re optimistic about the opportunity to expand their influence with a program like this.

I’ll be providing updates as the FAST Academy begins its first sessions.


zelig says:

Nice idea! Will there be an online version, or is it only in-person? Any details about a course offering in the US?

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